the wellness vision tool

See the return on your wellness efforts

Stay focused on programming and engagement - not administration


An integrated and customizable website platform

Automate the administration and management of wellness programming

registration • scheduling • orderingregistration_image_large

Customizable registration forms allow you to capture key participant data. Options include welcome messages, variable pricing, custom waivers, discount codes, administrator notifications, custom fields and more. Custome fields allow you to capture any data you need at the time of registration: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, health concerns, etc.

Fully integrated calendar allows creation of unlimited events, classes and appointments. Options include single or recurring events; individual event registration forms, fees and discount codes; event size limits; RSVP, pre-registration and attendance tracking; incentive rewards, Google mapping, route and cue sheets, message boards and more.

Ordering functions allow participants to purchase program credits, t-shirts, prizes and more. Customizable input fields and built-in payment functions allow the ordering of virtually anything. List multiple items, capture sizing, provide discounts and redeem points. Administrative functions allow you to generate order details, packing slips and more.


communication • messaging • libraries


Group email functions allow the creation of a unique email address for each group and messaging through traditional email packages, group website or individual calendar events.  Message board functions track all communications in one place.  Libraries allow the upload of documents through the messaging system eliminating the need for paper and providing permanent storage of  program documents for future reference.

Create unlimited custom webpages through the library system.  Upload articles, training programs, graphics, pictures, links to other sites and more.  Notify participants of these documents through email, event update messaging or through program message board.

 logging • administration • scoreboards


Create weekly participant logs to capture activity time and type; weight, blood pressure and heart rate. Record attendance at scheduled events and remind participants of upcoming events, classes and programs.

Administrative reporting will allow you to track effectiveness, engagement and results from all of you programming efforts. View administrative dashboard for statistics on participant activities, track health statistic and activity inputs from logs. Review attendance at events, classes and programs. Learn what is working and what is not to better allocate your efforts and resources.

 incentives • rewards • competitions


Create single or multiple incentive programs. Award points for logging activities and health statistics; attending events, classes and programs. Reward points can be tailored to individual events based on your priorities. Provide opportunities for all to win through weighted “lottery” functions.

Company competitions create fun methods to increase engagement and enthusiasm. Competitions can be created based on tracking of virtually any input tracked through activity logging. Reward weight loss, time spent exercising, events attended and more.